The Bunkhouse

Drive about an hour west of downtown Austin, Texas and you will find a wonderful place called The Bunkhouse Gallery. Located on the property of The Wenmohs Ranch in Cypress Mill, Texas, the drive takes you on a winding adventure past creeks, one-lane bridges, and ranches with goats and mules. The final mile or so is down a dirt road surrounded by cypress, cactus and signs warning of “loose livestock”. My husband and I made this trip for the first time this past weekend for the 23rd annual Bunkhouse Art Show and Sale. We had no idea what to expect. As we drove up to the Bunkhouse I was in awe of the peacefulness of the surroundings. We snagged one of the last few parking spots left, and headed over to the house. Dena Wenmohs was there to greet us and point us in the direction of all the wonderful art to follow. Dena, whose family ranch it is, and who hosts this annual event, is an accomplished artist herself who creates colorful paintings -many of women with attitudes. Inside we found room after room filled with all styles and genres of art- abstracts, collage, southwest art, jewelry, pottery and even doll making. It was gratifying to meet many of the artists and speak to them directly about their work. Come to find out that every Tuesday they meet, right there, inside the barn for a day of art and creativeness. They call themselves the Bunkhouse Gang. While the name generates thoughts of mischief, they are serious artists. And their art reflects all the camaraderie and gratitude they share for each other. Moving outside, there was more art, along with food, wine tasting, and live music. Over on the patio there was a silent auction and raffle of original paintings to benefit the Phoenix Center of Marble Falls. It was montage of art all rolled into one beautiful setting. The beauty of the setting was unquestionably a reflection of all the kind and gifted artists present. When a few artists learned that I too was an artist, their delight was truly touching. Leaving there I felt a contentment and resolve that my own journey of being an artist was the right path for me.

The event continues next weekend March 28-29,2015 – 11am-6 pm. If you are in the area, make the drive – you will be glad you did.

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