30 in 30

So I came across an interesting challenge while searching the web- 30 paintings in 30 days. I had actually seen it originally a few months back. Pondering the idea of doing this back then, I moved it to the end of my to-do list. It seemed intriguing, but at the same time it seemed like a big commitment. And, if you know an artist, committing to a schedule doesn’t always sync with the creative mindset. But now, I have sort of hit a creative roadblock. There are thousands of ideas racing around in my mind but most of them are not making it to the canvas. So I revisited the idea of this 30 for 30 idea. Heading into a new month this seems like the perfect time to make the commitment to start. Here are my rules: create 30 works of art in 30 days. That’s it. Any medium, any genre. Starting on April 1,2015 I will begin, ending on April 30. I will not be limiting myself to painting in my favorite medium, water-soluble oils, but will include acrylics, colored pencil and maybe even a little collage. This will be a great opportunity to repurpose some older canvases and boards. And by chance if I am having a great art day and can produce more that one work – all the better! It will make up for those days when other obligations try to sabotage my progress. It will be fascinating to see the progress I make and what affect this has on my work.   Along the way I will update my development and the challenges I encounter. If you would like to join me on this adventure, I welcome the company. Wish me luck, I may need it!

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