30 in 30 : Week 4

So it seems my 30 in 30 challenge took a nosedive. After Week 3’s set back I found I could not get back on track. I just couldn’t. I managed to make it into my studio but no paint came out of the tube. I did a little organizing, set up a still life, and … More 30 in 30 : Week 4

30 in 30: Week 3

There are just some times when life’s challenges just stop you in your tracks.  That is what week three of my art challenge brought.  The tragic loss of our son’s dog, Duke, brought immense sadness and grief to our family. It was as if time had stopped. At the very least, for a moment, it … More 30 in 30: Week 3

30 in 30: Week 1

One week ago I challenged myself to create 30 works of art in 30 days.  Immediately after I posted my intentions I thought to myself – “no way I will complete this”.  I started formulating ways to put a twist on why I couldn’t finish.  There were birthdays, holidays, weekends, and all other kinds of … More 30 in 30: Week 1

The Bunkhouse

Drive about an hour west of downtown Austin, Texas and you will find a wonderful place called The Bunkhouse Gallery. Located on the property of The Wenmohs Ranch in Cypress Mill, Texas, the drive takes you on a winding adventure past creeks, one-lane bridges, and ranches with goats and mules. The final mile or so … More The Bunkhouse

Got Block?

I think it is fairly reasonable to say, that as an artist, there are periods of time when you just can’t get motivated. It happens to the best of us. The thing I can’t decide is – is it because we hit a blank wall or because we have so many ideas we can’t focus … More Got Block?