Got Block?

I think it is fairly reasonable to say, that as an artist, there are periods of time when you just can’t get motivated. It happens to the best of us. The thing I can’t decide is – is it because we hit a blank wall or because we have so many ideas we can’t focus on just one. No matter which it is, inevitably you will need something to push you past the bump in the road. For me it’s alcohol. No, not the kind you drink, but the kind you get at the pharmacy. Isopropyl Alcohol, 91% works best. A big brush, a canvas and some acrylic paint, and I am ready to get motivated. I like to start this exercise using contrasting colors. You may like this idea or maybe want to choose your own. Single colors of different values or complimentary colors work well also. Well, there really is no bad choice; it’s an exercise in having fun. Anything goes. I start out by covering my canvas with my first color and then let it dry completely. For the next layer, and all remaining layers, I mix a ratio of 50/50 water to paint. The second layer goes on and while it is still wet I splash on the alcohol. My choices for tools are a toothbrush for splatter and the end of a paintbrush for droplets, lines or swirls. Now I let my imagination go crazy. I just have fun with it. If I like what I see I can stop here, if not I can keep adding layers. I make sure I let each layer dry completely before adding the next. Magically, I get lost in the process. It draws me in and I start to see exciting patterns and shapes appear on the canvas. The artistic ideas start brewing and I don’t want to stop. But eventually all good things come to an end, well at least until I hit the next bump in the road. For now I am ready to get in the studio and create some art. And I have a few new pieces to keep me motivated.

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