30 in 30 : Week 4

So it seems my 30 in 30 challenge took a nosedive. After Week 3’s set back I found I could not get back on track. I just couldn’t. I managed to make it into my studio but no paint came out of the tube. I did a little organizing, set up a still life, and … More 30 in 30 : Week 4

30 in 30: Week 3

There are just some times when life’s challenges just stop you in your tracks.  That is what week three of my art challenge brought.  The tragic loss of our son’s dog, Duke, brought immense sadness and grief to our family. It was as if time had stopped. At the very least, for a moment, it … More 30 in 30: Week 3

30 in 30: Week 1

One week ago I challenged myself to create 30 works of art in 30 days.  Immediately after I posted my intentions I thought to myself – “no way I will complete this”.  I started formulating ways to put a twist on why I couldn’t finish.  There were birthdays, holidays, weekends, and all other kinds of … More 30 in 30: Week 1

The Show

So you want to have an art show. What artist doesn’t! Unless you are lucky enough to have a gallery represent you, finding our own venue is how we, as self-representing artists, get our work in front of an audience. I am a self-representing artist. It’s up to me to find a venue and then … More The Show

Why that one?

For me, as an artist, the ultimate compliment comes when someone purchases one of my paintings. When I sold my very first painting I sent a text to a successful artist friend with the news. He replied “Excellent! Sales are validating”. He expressed exactly what I was feeling. Someone appreciated my art enough to purchase … More Why that one?