Space-it matters.

So I started a few days late on my New Years resolution. I promised myself to make changes, that 2015 was going to be a big year for my art. Thirty days in, I’m wishing it were going faster, but I feel positive I am headed in the right direction. So far, I attended a weeklong workshop, painted 6 paintings, revamped my website and committed to blogging once a week. Not bad. But come on, I’m an artist, of course I am going to shred this progress to pieces. I am going to beat myself up cause I know I could do more. More painting,more of everything. If I just had a better studio space. Yes, that’s it. So, I start the process of moving my studio to a better spot. Funny thing is, this was the best idea ever! My previous space was adequate, but my new space is motivational. I moved to a smaller room with more natural light. I eliminated all the unnecessary furnishings, only allowing what I really needed to be creative. Paints organized, pens, pencils & palettes in easy reach. Canvases,ditto- everything now had a place. It is rejuvenating. I feel relief that I don’t have extra “stuff” around to distract me from what I really want to do-paint. The next 30 days will be devoted to moving forward. Painting more and continuing to surround myself with everything art.   Increasing the amount of time I devote to creating and focusing on improving my skills. Drawing with friends and sharing “art night” to keep the inspiration moving forward, is all part of my plan.

Maybe if you find yourself stuck in a rut, look around at your space. Could it use a boost or improvement that could motivate you to create? Sometimes just cleaning out the “cobwebs” is enough to get the juices flowing again. Putting things in their place so you no longer have to think about them opens up an opportunity to be productive. Eliminating what you don’t need so you can spend more time on the thing you love. Take a look around, make your space matter.


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