A New Year

So I have never been a new years resolution person, but I want to try this year. Even if I am a little late.  I want to paint more, I want to paint often. My resolution for 2015 is to escalate my art, take it to a higher level.  After just completing a Workshop with well known artist Qiang Huang, I am even more motivated than before.  Qiang is a great painter and an even better teacher. I can hardly explain how much I learned in just 4 days. While watching his demo on day one my thought was that this is so simple, why am I struggling.  When I moved to my own easel the reality of it set in.  Art is much more than paint, a brush and a canvas.  It is also embracing the ability to slow down and simplify. Understanding the fundamentals and emotions of art is one thing, being able to transfer it to a canvas is another.   By day two of the workshop things started to come together.  My painting “Tomato & Garlic” improved dramatically compared to a similar painting I did 2 months before.  Day 3 found me improving further with “Two Flowers”.  I am amazed. Now I must continue to learn, research and practice.  In the past I have always found excuses why not to paint.  This year I am going to learn how to reverse that thought process.  Right now……I am going to paint.

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