30 in 30 : Week 2

In the beginning of April, I challenged myself to paint 30 paintings in 30 days. Week one was filled with insight. It was all about not thinking and just painting. Week two brought different challenges. Those obstacles I call life were cutting into my art time. Weekend houseguests put painting on the back burner for 3 days and I needed to play catch up. Because I painted extra in week one, this week I only need 5 paintings to stay on schedule. Thankfully I had art night with some awe-inspiring artist friends, Miriam and Martha, and completed a colored pencil drawing. Normally on art night I just doodle, but I was aware I needed to be more serious and get something accomplished. Three paintings were in process and that meant I needed just one additional work. Here’s where my second obstacle of week two came in. The night before the company arrived, I learned of a fundraiser challenge- paint a baseball. The fundraiser supports Round Rock Arts and the baseballs are available in a silent auction at the Round Rock Express baseball game on April 18, 2015. There was so much karma going on here, April 18 is my birthday, it supported art and I am a fan of baseball. So in between cooking and entertaining I was contemplating ideas for the baseball. While my artistic side was reeling with elaborate ideas, my realistic side settled on doable ones. After the guests departed, the baseball painting began. Lets just say that painting on a baseball requires a little more time and patience. Because this was such a worthy cause, I chose to focus on the baseball first. This left one painting still needing some finishing touches that will have to wait for week three.

Here is what I figured out in week two:

  1. Balance my time: If I can’t put aside a block of time for art, then stealing a few minutes here or there can work too.
  2. Value the time I put aside for art. I get easily distracted when participating in group art sessions, I need to work past the distractions and focus on getting art done.
  3. Giving back is fun, so even if it means getting off track just a little bit, it’s worth it.

Heading into week three I am aware I may have new challenges. I’m not giving up; I will find a way to make this work. And I know this is true because of one thing- I LOVE ART! So wish me luck, I need it more than ever.


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